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Wifi controlled ibrator

Rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator special ibrator ariable speed coer design, with 5 kinds of sexual passion speed, let the passion rhythm control, easy to rotate can get happy sex response, conenient and easy to use. Sex Toy Rejuenation Multi-speed WiFi Control The ibrator can be drien with only 2 7-cell batteries, up to 7 hours of battery life (Energy Battery).

Sex toys rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator small body big shock

Rejuenation multi-speed wifi controlled ibrator rotary shifting coer passionate rhythm with heart control, special rotary shifting coer design, so that the warmth of the passion is so simple, follow the heart, easy to spin, you can get a happy response, proide 5 kinds of popular The ibration mode, small body big shock, multiple frequency preheating sex passion. Multi-speed WiFi controlled sex toys There are fie passion speeds: ripple, surf, darkness, frenzy and waes.

Sex toys rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator shocking ibration

Rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator sexy streamlined intimate and more fitting, anti-allergic PU material enjoys a elety touch, such as a elety touch, allowing you to hae the right to slide freely. Let the "shocking ibrate" become so gentle, and the pleasure of pleasure is on the erge!

Sex toys rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator ultra-quiet design

Rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator charm purple, elegant texture, ultra-quiet performance enjoy indulgent sex time, extra large noise less than 59dB, humanized mute work, can make passionate loe process priate and worry-free, rejuenation speed Wifi controlled ibrator can be immersed in loe, whether it is exclusie or lingering with the loer.

Sex toys rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator temptation color, seductie deep purple, shocking charm! Another pink super hot sale! In the rejuenation multi-speed WiFi controlled ibrator, you can enjoy the thrill of sex and the passion. It only needs 2 batteries of 7 batteries to drie.

The use of sex toys in sex can effectiely improe the quality of sex.  sensation touch wifi controlled ibrator is made of high quality materials and is safe for human body. Use sensing touch in your sex wifi controlled ibrator Whether it's lingering in bed or passionate sex in the bathroom, it's a good helper for you.

Sensation touch wifi controlled ibrator strong tremor

Sensing touch wifi controlled ibrator top strong ibration, with 3 kinds of ibration mode, always excites neres. Wifi controlled ibrator can bring a different kind of excitement to the foreplay. The top is strong and shocking. It ignites the passion of sex, the top is strong and ibrating, and the moment is full of excitement. Whether it is to enjoy alone or intimate interaction between loers, it can be a foreplay. Bringing a different kind of excitement than before! In short, the hypersensitiity double shock wifi controlled ibrator meets the female ergonomic design, can stimulate the clitoris, U point, G point, multiple parts of strong ibration directly to the climax. For women who are more difficult to reach orgasm, it is a good choice for the hypersensitiity dual-stimulus wifi-controlled ibrator.